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Before Sending Us Your Tool

Please check below to see if you can save time and trouble-shoot the tool yourself.

Issue: The tool runs intermittently.

If your tool is a corded rotary tool, check the brushes first. After 50 to 60 hours of use the carbon motor brushed will likely need to be replaced. Unplug the tool, open the brush caps and remove the carbon brushes from the holders. If there is less than 1/8"of carbon left on either brush, they both should be replaced. Brushes need to be replaced in pairs even if one brush is more worn than the other. Please refer to your owner's manual for more information on motor brushes and replacement instructions.

For cordless rotary tools, be sure the battery is placed all the way into the tool body and locked into place.

Issue: The tool does not run at all.

Double check your electrical outlet by plugging a known working item (such as a light or radio) into the outlet to test for electrical service.

Issue: The tool seems "sluggish" or labors to achieve the desired speed.

Fine particles and sawdust can enter the tool causing loss of performance. Unplug the tool and "blow out" the tool using dry compressed air to clean out ventilation openings and switch levers of foreign matter.

NOTE: Do not attempt to clean by putting pointed objects through openings in the tool.

Issue: Tool will not hold accessory securely in tool.

Determine that the collet matches the shank size of the accessory you are trying to use. Dremel has four different size collets to accommodate different shank sizes.

Dremel also offers the Dremel Chuck that allows you to quickly change accessories with different size shanks without the use of any collet.

Issue: Bits do not fit in the tool. Fixing a Stuck Collet

To keep accessories in the rotary tool there needs to be a silver collet and a black collet nut. These two parts will be on the tool when you open your tool for the very first time.

It is possible for a collet to get stuck within the collet nut especially if a collet nut is tightened onto the tool without a bit in place. If this happens, loosen up the collet nut, then the collet can be removed from the collet nut by pushing the shank of an accessory into the hole in the collet nut. This should cause the collet to pop out of the collet nut. If this solutions does not help, see Stuck Collet Solution #2.

Stuck Collet Solution #2:

•Press the shaft-lock button on the rotary tool
•Loosen the collet nut and remove it from the tool
•Is the collet sleeve in the tool or do you see it still in the collet nut?
•If the collet sleeve is still in the collet nut:

◦tap on the side of the collet nut to help loosen the collet to pull it out of the collet nut
◦Or take an accessory and put it through the top of the nut to push out the collet
◦Or wiggle the collet sleeve from the bottom to loosen and pull out of the collet nut

Returning a Tool for Service

When shipping your corded rotary tool, please package the tool only (not the storage case or accessories).

When shipping your cordless tool, please include the tool, battery and charger for a complete system analysis and repair.

In the package include:

Copy of your dated proof of purchase
Written statement describing the problem
Name, Address, Phone Number and Email

Package the returned items to protect them in shipment. Dremel recommends that the package be properly insured against loss or accidental damage for which we cannot be responsible.

Repair Time and Charges

The following information pertains only to repairs made at USA Service Centers:

All repairs are performed within three (3) business days of receipt of your tool. If a price quotation is requested on a repair, no action will be taken until authorization is obtained.

Prices stated are maximum repair charges for non-warranty repairs. If the repair is minor, the charges will be based on time and materials and will result in a lower charge.

PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR Maximum Repair Chart 2020

Ordering Parts

Most repair parts can be ordered from the Dremel Service Center. Call us for availability and pricing.

Be sure to have the model number and type number (usually found on the tool's nameplate) of your tool when calling. Please allow 5 to 7 days for delivery and have your credit card handy. No COD. Part prices are subject to change without notice.

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